Roopa Nagarajan,

May 2019; UT-Austin:
B.A. Plan II Honors, B.S. Advertising Management,
/ Business Foundations Certificate, Senior Fellows Honors

sari me onam
I am a freelance designer, movie buff, music lover, and dog enthusiast. A website centrally formed around my hobbies, I hope to use this a channel for conveying my interests, opinions, and artistic work, like my commissions.

In a landscape of involved and fast-paced media, I enjoy taking the time to sit back and relax with a Netflix binge or a fun video game, book, or movie. Discussing the film industry awards season is also a passion, so check out my Oscars tag, where I post predictions after watching every nominated movie of the year.

My drawings range from traditional to digital, and sometimes my website will feature in-progress Creative Suite works as I grow as a digital artist. I have plenty of graphic design experience as well.

I have a work-study position as a Student Technology Assistant at UT’s Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services (LAITS), where I create graphics and manage UI/UX design, much of which will find itself posted here. All the visual work I do there (including creation processes) can be found on my STA blog.

My second on-campus job is as a writing consultant at the University Writing Center, where I help students form a sounder foundation of writing. Rather than simply edit papers, I provide avenues for consultees to revise their own papers and understand the process.

My 9-work portfolios can be found here:


Email: roopanaga@utexas.edu


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