LAITS – P2021 Templates

P2021, or Project 2021, is an entire revamp of the COLA website system. This task was choosing and cropping header images for departments.

Went through about 100 photos to choose 5 that best fit the five categories for the P2021 page

  • About the Development Studio
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Digital Instruction
  • Online Course Instruction


Original template with five sizes that the five photos needed to each be sized for.

banner_largebanner_largebanner_large banner_large

After taking the image and positioning it, I saved for web and devices to only save the specific slices needed. I did this for all five images for all five sizes 4 times each: color, color + tint, black and white, and bw + tint. I turned visibility of the text on and off to see which level of darkness would work best.






The video pictures– size extra large, large, medium, small, and extra small.

dig-instruction about-the-dev-studio-template

Template was changed to six pictures. Shown here are Digital Instruction and About the Development Studio in BW + tint and color + tint, respectively.


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