B.A. Sustainability Studies On-Screen Ad

I made an On-Screen (TV-size) Ad for the new COLA major, Sustainability Studies. In the process, I also designed a new logo.



First two rough mockups of the BA Sustainability Studies video monitor graphic with focus on general layout.


A third mockup with client feedback.

bass-mockup-4 bass-mockup-5-boat

Two options for the video screen ad. The trees are fading outwards, the globe’s mockup is cleaner, and “Information Sessions” carries more weight.



Tried a drop shadow for the arrow around the globe.

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-6-19-40-pm screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-6-19-11-pm

Changed the globe logo to a white arrow, two options for color to see which best represents both Earth and Sustainability.

bass-mockup-6-2 bass-mockup-6 bass-mockup-7-2 bass-mockup-7 bass-mockup-8-2 bass-mockup-8

6 final mockups, each with a different combination of globe logo and image.


The client decided on the blue and green globe logo and boat photo. After a few minor changes–“COLA” in all caps, remove “major” from header text–the ad is finished.


Shown with guides.


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