Artemis and the Sun poster

Creation process of Artemis and the Sun poster

  • Began with a photo of a side profile with messy bun (it’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)!
  • Used Illustrator to live trace the image with a 160¬†threshold.
  • Continuing in Illustrator, I created two “mountain” triangles and a “sun” circle.
  • Placed the live trace silhouette onto the mountain and sun using a clipping mask.
  • Changed the colors.

  • Moved to InDesign and created layers for the background (this is locked when not being edited), the text, the main elements, and the border. I played with “bottom stripes”
    • adv-378-major-project-poster-10, but decided against them
  • The overlap of the triangles was darker than the rest of the shapes (because of lowered opacity and then overlap), so I used a different color for that triangle on the actual girl, bleeding that color into the bottom bar.
  • Using the same blue as the silhouette for the background removes the clipping mask effect, so I came up with two other options: the same purple from the bottom bar and a red.
  • The font for “Artemis and the Sun” is REIS and the rest of the text is Democratica OT.

  • Changed the text a little bit
  • Decided on using either the purple or the red
  • Removed the triangle from the triangle overlap and changed the bottom bar to the same blue as the girl so that she flows into the text and the “sun” is also very distinct

  • Adding the border back
  • Finalized the text
  • Moved the stripes towards the triangles to make all the spacing even
  • Chose the red as the final product
  • Link to .pdf here:¬†Artemis and the Sun poster

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