Charcoal, November 2013

A high-contrast drawing playing with extreme lighting, this piece highlights not only the viola, but also the subject’s arm, hand, and fingers. His face, including his ear, also stands out in the lighting. All these body parts together represent the auditory and cognitive senses needed to play an instrument. The orange paper, showing through the charcoal due to my style, emphasizes the subject’s skin tone, once again celebrating the artistic talent of Indians. The unblended style also melds the person and viola together, creating a singular body, as a cohesive mind, body, and soul are required during any performance. The empty background allows the viewer’s attention to move along the circle of white charcoal created by the left wrist and arm, light on the viola, bow, right fingers, strings, and left pinky. In mainly black, the viola, therefore, cuts through this oval to indicate the importance of music and its significance to the male depicted.

Received a medal at Regional VASE, accepted into State VASE, and was chosen to be displayed by KISD to enter the Capitol competition.


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