Multimedia, April 2014

A polyptych of eggplants, this piece plays with both the realistic view of the vegetable to the more abstract. The Prismacolor panel at the top left and the collage panel at the bottom right, placed diagonally against each other, are both the most realistic panels of the four. A life-life view¬†of an eggplant is seen in the Prismacolor panel, and the collage panel’s tissue paper leaves stick out of the panel, making the eggplant 3D and textured. The other two panels, the charcoal on hand-made paper and sprayed paint, are more abstract. They still, however, despite their unrealistic depiction, channel the idea of the eggplant. The charcoal panel’s background is hand-made Nepalese paper with tones of beige and green, and the spray panel inverts the green and purple. The shape of the eggplants remains the same on all four, creating a cohesive image.


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