Roopa Nagarajan,

May 2019, University of Texas at Austin:
B.S. Advertising & B.A. Plan II Honors
/ Business Foundations Certificate; Media, Culture, and Identities BDP Certificate; Senior Fellows Honors


edit Headshot RoopaI’m an Advertising and Plan II Honors junior at the University of Texas at Austin. Through college, I’ve been preparing to work at an entertainment ad or PR agency, where I would contribute in media planning. I love working with numbers and my interdisciplinary education serves as testimonial to my skill. Throughout my collegeyears, I have worked consistently on these skills through my courses, my jobs and my internships. The Moody College of Communication’s Advertising program, (which is ranked number one in the nation!), has prepared me to not only contribute to the industry, but continue learning as I work. I know how to form a story about people from data, and the advertising industry, which requires knowledge of the intersection of communication and technology, is perfect.

A website centrally formed around my hobbies, I hope to use this a channel for conveying my interests, opinions, and artistic work, like my commissions.

In a landscape of involved and fast-paced media, I enjoy taking the time to sit back and relax with a Netflix binge or a fun video game, book, or movie. Discussing the film industry awards season is also a passion, so check out my Oscars tag, where I post predictions after watching every nominated movie of the year.

Sometimes I draw–these range from traditional to digital, and sometimes my website will feature in-progress Creative Suite works as I grow as a digital artist. I have plenty of graphic design experience as well.

I can also be contacted via phone: 713-305-4858


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